Raising Friends and Funds.

bigstock_Charity_Road_Sign_Clipping_Pat_14315006 (1)One of the questions I hear over and over again is “Why isn’t my event growing?” I believe there are typically a multitude of answers but for now I’d like to cover just one. 
Encouraging participation.
Your benefit event by design should do two things: Fuel the flame of your current donors and spark something in those not already committed to you. Your major events are obviously about raising funds from your supporters but if you take a few extra steps you can cultivate new supporters in then process.

In all likelihood your major event will be the time when you have the largest number of supporters and the most philanthropic non supporters in one place at the same time.

You have the opportunity to confirm the reasons your supporters are there but you also have the unique opportunity to convert the non supporters to participants in your cause.

In order to have the greatest results you’ll need to answer a few very important questions.

Did you give them a passionate and motivational appeal to support you?
Did they experience something unique to you? Did you stand out against the sea of other wonderful nonprofits vying for their support? Do they know why they should support you instead of one of the others? Is there a clearly marked path for support options and opportunities?

If you can answer yes to all of these questions you will develop passionate supporters and advocates for your cause.