Hire a pro, yes or no?

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You spend countless hours setting the stage for your major fundraising event of the year. You’ve carefully considered every detail of your auction: date, location, theme, items, speakers etc. So, why would you trust the most important part (where your actually ask for and earn the money) to someone who isn’t a professional?
Why hire a professional fundraising auctioneer?
Would you hire the dad that’s a “pretty great cook” to cater your event? Or, the guy that can build a mean RC car to repair your family’s vehicle? What about that friend that reads a lot on Web MD to diagnose your sickness?
I recently heard a story about a non-professional auctioneer (who is super funny and well respected part of his community) that actually suggested from the stage in the midst of a benefit auction that the item selling might bring more money if the woman showcasing it would take her shirt off!! I’m sure I’m not the only one appalled at this statement. And I share this not as a rarity but as a fairly common thread amongst people who volunteer to take on the role of auctioneer. This particular example is a bit extreme but time and time again I hear that the guests or chairs of an event were embarrassed by statements from the stage.
Is there another time when you will be fortunate enough to have all your supporters in one place? Why risk alienating even a single one?
A Professional Fundraising Auctioneer will be an absolute advocate for you. They will stay on point and work with you prior to the event to be sure to share your message in the same way you will. Your professional benefit auctioneer is a time manager. He recognizes when all the money has been offered for that item and it’s time to sell and move on. He will be an excellent example of professionalism. She should offer consultation and insight prior to your event and be able to recognize issues before they arise and have alternatives to overcome the obstacles.  You should feel relieved when you see them walk through the door.
The best compliment I ever receive is simply “You’re here. Now I can breathe a little easier.”
Your professional fundraising auctioneer is far more than a fast talker on the stage. She is a professional ambassador and partner to offer you support and consultation who will be engaging and fun. If all of this is true the investment made in this area should repay many fold.  
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