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Rose Backs, CAI Auctioneer

Rose Back, CAI Auctioneer

Rose Backs, CAI Auctioneer

Rose Backs first began working in the auction industry in 1997. A few years later, Rose decided to take her auction career to the next level and attended the Reppert School of Auctioneering in Auburn, IN, graduating third in her class. Shortly thereafter, she won the Idaho State Rookie Auctioneer contest. In 2009 Mrs. Backs was the Idaho State Champion Auctioneer and in 2010 was named the Northwest Champion Auctioneer. She is the first and only woman to win the award. Rose is consistently recognized as one of the top women auctioneers in the nation and in July of 2012 was awarded 1st runner-up in the International Auctioneer Championships. The IAC is the largest competition of its kind and is open to auctioneers throughout the world.

Mrs. Backs has an intimate knowledge, understanding and passion for the auction method. She has been active in every facet of the industry: business liquidations, wholesale and collector car auctions, real estate, and benefit and fundraiser. Mrs. Backs also serves on the board of the Idaho Association of Professional Auctioneers and has served as the President of the Washington Association of Professional Auctioneers.

Mrs. Backs has earned the Certified Auctioneers Institute (CAI) designation. Designed for leaders in the industry and auction firm decision-makers, the CAI is an executive development program focused on developing the skills and providing the tools necessary to run a top-notch auction firm. The course spans three years at Indiana University, Bloomington. Less than 5% of auctioneers hold the CAI designation.

Rose’s passion within the auction world lies with nonprofit and charitable organizations. Her love for charity auctions shows as she enjoys the opportunity to do something that benefits others. “There are very few things at the end of the day that make you feel like you’ve really made a difference.” Her combination of a comfortable stage presence and a memorable smile allows any audience to connect with her. Rose is highly sought after and conducts auctions coast to coast. A talented auctioneer, Rose garners kudos for her skills as she travels the country serving many nonprofit organizations. A client raved about her, saying, “She is such a breath of fresh air! We can’t wait to have her back next year.”

Living in North Idaho, Rose enjoys cycling, hiking and spending time with her large extended family. She also volunteers with the Boys and Girls Club of Kootenai County.

Matt Backs, CAI Auctioneer

Matt Backs, CAI Auctioneer

Matt Backs, CAI Auctioneer

Matt Backs has been involved in the auction industry for over 25 years. He got his start selling food in the snack bar at Western Auction at age 10. At age 14 he sold his first auction and hasn’t put the microphone down since. Growing up in and around the auction industry has been a very good fit for Matt. In 2001 Matt won the Idaho State Auctioneering Championship. Shortly thereafter, he won the 2001-2002 Northwest Auctioneering Championship. Matt consistently ranks in the top 15 auctioneers in the nation and has been a finalist numerous times in the International Auctioneering Championship.

In March of 2002, Matt graduated from the Certified Auctioneers Institute (CAI). Offered at Indiana University, Bloomington, CAI is the highest held designation available in the auction industry. The three year continuing education program boasts some of the best instructors in the entire auction industry. Matt served as the 2003 President of the Idaho Association of Professional Auctioneers (IAPA) and presently holds the position of Chairman of the Board.

Matt has a cool head and penchant for creative thinking. He’s yet to see an auction obstacle he can’t solve. With a calm stage presence and a quick wit, he’s sure to win over any group of guests. He is perfectly at home in a room of 800 guests or 100 guests and everything in between. In addition to the numerous fundraiser and benefit auctions he conducts, he’s also a lead auctioneer for Silver Collector Car Auctions at events like Hot August Nights, January in Arizona and many others. Matt has been seen on ESPN’s “On the Block” as well as TLC’s “Wrecks to Riches.” While conducting an average of four auctions per week, well over 200 auctions per year, Matt finds time to spend with his family, play a little basketball and volunteer with local organizations.

Matt enjoys benefit and fundraiser auctions because, “I recognize the value a Professional Auctioneer can bring to the event. The organizations work very hard and it all comes down to one night”.